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PORTLAND Oregon, Michigan,Arizona, South Carolina,
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We at All Carpeting Cleaning in Your Local Area are here to fulfill your professional office/home cleaning needs! Contact us today at (347) 642-6537 to get your Free, no obligation estimate for any cleaning and maintenance needs you can think of.

Carpet Cleaning

We use eco-friendly products, truck mounted equipment, fans for faster dry times, corner guards to protect your wall corners, and a neutralizing rinsing agent to pull out residue. The most important part to a proper carpet clean is the neutralizing agent designed for extracting alkaline residue from your carpet.

Rug Cleaning

Rug Clean for the finest to the most basic rugs from around the world. We will pick-up and bring your rugs back to our special cleaning facility where they will go through our thorough cleaning process for maximum soil and spot removal.

Upholstery Cleaning

Floors get dirty from many different things. In the kitchen, they get dirty from food, grease, and accidental spills. For the bathroom, it’s mildew caused by excess moisture, makeup spills, and other things that you don’t even want to mention. In the entry ways, as well as all the other areas of the home, just ordinary household traffic creates build-up that can be difficult to remove by hand.

About us

Carpet Cleaning in Your Local Area has a team of experts that are trained professionals at cleaning in both home, office or commercial settings. After just one visit you won’t be sure you’re in the right room, we guarantee our team of professional cleaners will transform your carpets to their original pristine condition.

Have you been wasting money on expensive containers of carpet deodorizers and carpet cleaners that are specifically designed to cover or mask the smell of carpet stains rather than eliminate them? We assure the long lasting cleanliness of your beloved carpet.

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PORTLAND Oregon, Michigan,Arizona, South Carolina,
Chicago Illinois,& Orange County California


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